We know that you want to find that perfect diamond to go in your treasured piece of jewelry. Whether you are replacing a diamond on an older piece or you are creating your own customized rings, pendants, or earrings, Dutch Diamond Imports has the perfect loose diamonds for you.
There are certain times when someone is simply looking for a diamond and not an entire setting. For example, there are many instances where a couple did not have the funds to purchase a large diamond when they originally bought their engagement ring. However, as the couple grew older, they wished to replace the original diamond with a larger stone. Our diamonds make a big impression with perfectly matched, timeless settings.
Our loose diamonds are also a great option when you are creating a new piece of jewelry. They are uniquely designed to custom craft your own personalized piece of jewelry. With many different colors, clarities and cuts, we have a wide variety to create stunning pieces of custom jewelry. We have thousands of premium diamonds to choose from that add luxury and exquisiteness to your attire.
We love to talk to our clients about their jewelry. Our diamond selector lets you examine any diamond, giving you an experience you won’t find anywhere else. At Dutch Diamond Imports, you are guaranteed to find the perfect diamond for that special someone. Talk to us about what you are looking for in a diamond. Our experts will help you find the best loose diamond that will work perfect for any piece of jewelry.